fiona valentine thomann

next show

somewhere, not spot - yami ichi

opening 26 may 2018

at hek - haus der electronischen künste, basel, switzerland

last shows

calabi yau

opening 15 march 2018

at los14, mexico city, mexico


opening 17 nov.- until 9 dec. 2017

at exgirlfriend gallery, berlin, germany

reset III and virtual reality
virtual spaces in the digital age

curated by tina sauerländer

at priska pasquer, cologne, germany

8 sep. - 29 oct. 2017
part of gallery weekend - dc open

mind the space - owop

curated by zona dynamic, berlin senat awarded

at kunstpunkt, berlin-mitte, germany

14 sep. - 1 oct. 2017
part of berlin art week 2017

tracker - solo show

apr.- may 2017

at exgirlfriend gallery, berlin, germany

palace mnemo
solo show

feb. 2016

at larry's, berlin, germany

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